Modern Marketing at Scale

A Framework for B2B Content Operations

Content. It’s the topic of the era. SiriusDecisions calls it the lifeblood of modern B2B marketing; Accenture Digital argues it’s a marketer’s most vital natural resource—“as essential as water.” While the critical importance of content is undoubtable, without a process to manage, content (and the marketing organization itself) quickly becomes chaotic and ineffective.

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Serving nearly every business function, content is a critical, omnipresent business asset responsible for driving awareness, demand, revenue, and retention. However, many B2B marketing organizations are still experiencing content chaos as siloed teams creating and publishing content ad hoc without—or with ambiguous—alignment to a unified business strategy. Meanwhile, marketing executives are under more and more pressure to prove the value of content and deliver hard results amid an influx of digital tools and data.

For many B2B marketing organizations, outdated processes don’t support content production at scale, inhibiting marketers’ ability to execute strategy. Modern Marketing at Scale: A Framework for B2B Content Operations is a methodology for building a cross-functional process to support strategic, efficient, and integrated marketing at scale. In this guide, you will learn:

• How the digital era has transformed B2B marketing
• The role that content plays in modern B2B marketing
• A new, integrated approach to marketing and content production
• How your organization can build an effective content operation


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The Transformation of B2B Marketing and the Role of Content